Monday blues and whinges!

So the start of yet another week and another day where I have to practically push my daughter out of the door to school, Not wanting to go because it’s been half term and she’s happy to stay at home in her cave safe! I made her take her walking stick as suggested by the doctors so she left swinging the stick under her arm! not going to help much there I don’t think bless her.

So a friend called, she’s cleared her diary for the day and asked if I was free but when I told her I had plans she played the guilt trip on me. Not being funny, don’t people sometimes need a bit of notice? I don’t sit home waiting for her to clear her diary for me. Not least because I get so down home on my own and book things to do so that I’m not sitting home alone waiting for her to call and tell me last minute that my diary is clear for her.

What’s more, She doesn’t understand that my husband can’t be late to school where he is currently acting headmaster and take me to her house for the day. He has a responsible job, he can’t just do that. Also, she wants me at hers so she can carry on doing jobs while I’m there. I can’t drive to hers but she can drive to me so what’s that all about?

Why should I feel guilty that I have things arranged and can’t drop them at the last minute. I’m sick of being made to feel I’m the bad guy!! I offered another day that she can’t do so it works two ways. Some people need to get real.

Huh another day, another whinge, more stress but I’m not going to feel guilty anymore. I’m sorry i’m too ill to drive and can’t be there for everyone all the time. That’s just the way it is.


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