2014 Happy New Year!

Another new year and not sure what to do with my life!

It’s not really a decision that is mine to make since having Fibromyalgia and Lymphoedema has meant that my choice of what to do with my life has rather been taken out of my hands.

I feel very unwell and am in constant pain and so I only have short bursts of time between needing to rest that I actually feel up to doing anything much.

I can’t drive anymore and so unless I’m up to a short trip out on my mobility scooter i’m stuck in the four walls.

With my disabled daughter at home two days in the week I can’t venture out and leave her on those days and so feel a little stuck to say the least.

I sound like i’m having a moan about my lot and anyone who knows me will know that this is not me, I am stubborn and wouldn’t let this condition beat me but I have to give in to it at times despite my better nature.

I’d love a project I can do from home but there isn’t many options. I enjoy craft and when my hands aren’t too sore that’s what I try to do to make things to sell at the church fete etc but I couldn’t make enough to be able to go in to business or anything and don’t feel that what I create is good enough for people to buy.

Here I go sounding defeatist again!

Right, I need to snooze or i’ll end up having to go to bed by the time my husband gets home from work and that wouldn’t be good as I wouldn’t get to spend any time with him.

I’ll be back soon



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