Nervous of new adventure but it’s not mine or is it?

Well, tomorrow and Friday my son aged 19 and 11 months is off on his first ever road trip on motorways on his own!
I am feeling very slightly, enormously paranoid!!!
I’ve told him countless times to be careful and to text me when he’s there etc all to the response of “Yes Mummi!”

I took my paranoia one step further today and made him take a shortish motorway practice drive with me this afternoon. I pleaded with him to appease his mum’s paranoia and he reluctantly agreed.
He was fine, he tolerated my warnings and advice tips of which there were many. Some he of course said he knew but just maybe he didn’t know it all.
Amazingly he did actually utter the words “well, I think I know it all but maybe I don’t!”
Anyway, we took the trip out on and off the motorway and dual carriageway and sort of had a giggle at my paranoia as well as his attitude of knowing it all anyway.

I know that I can’t be there with him on his trip tomorrow (I think I would rather cramp his style as he visits his girlfriend and her family for the first time). I can’t control what others on the road do and if he’ll be truly prepared to deal with it. I can’t help him avoid an accident happening which is beyond his control. But, I just feel that little tiny bit happier that I had a little practice and a pep talk with him. Maybe, just maybe he’ll hear my voice in his head and it just might help to keep him safe?
Ok, I’m trying to convince myself of that and of course i’ll be mentally climbing the walls until I know he’s reached his destination and made the return journey safely.

So, tomorrow morning I will of course repeat the drive carefully speech but I’ll try my best to smile and say “Have a lovely time”. Then, I’ll watch him drive off out of my reach, my sight, my control and say my prayers for his safety and close that door and try to get on with my day. Of course i’ll have my mobile phone glued to my side all morning waiting to hear from him and will be holding my breath just a little bit until I know he’s there.

Let’s hope that my next post is a thankful one for his safe journey and I can breath a little easier.

Good luck Jacob! I love you so very much
Mum xxx